Lifeless fantasies

Robin Hood, Zorro, Superman, Spiderman, Ben, X-Men… the list goes on. There are numerous heroes. What are their motives? They fight for ‘The Greater Good’. They are the people’s heroes. They do good deeds, with the best interest of the public at heart, and we love them for that. They are our heroes, our leaders.

Sometimes, I feel life would be good with a bunch of superheroes, just round the corner, waiting to save us, from the evils of society. How wonderful it would be to know that our ‘Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman’ will web-swing across cities, just to protect us from harm. How comforting it must be, to feel safe, because Superman and the rest of the ‘Justice League’ are watching over us and resisting any force that may endanger our lives.

What a sense a security, it must be to know that the ‘King of Thieves’, Robin Hood, is out there, along with his ‘Merry Yeomen’, fighting against evil and feeding those in need.

How nice it would be if Ben and the X-Men and all other unknown superheroes, were out there, fighting for the innocent and helpless, helping them and protecting them.

We all would have felt, at one point, that life was much better in movies. After all who doesn’t wish for a life of ‘Happily-Ever-After’? But life isn’t a movie or a cartoon. Dumbledore said, that “it does not do to dwell in dreams”. I say, it does not do to dwell in fantasies too. All they do is divert our minds from reality, making us wish for a life that doesn’t exist. That’s the bitter truth.


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