Who’s living my life?

I was wonderingly wandering when it dawned upon me that too many times in my life, I’ve been trying to please others. That doesn’t mean that I’ve always done what others wanted me to do. No. There were many instances where I’ve done only what I wanted, completely deaf to the comments of those unworthy. Having said this, I can’t deny that I have, under some circumstances, gone out of my way, just to satisfy others. By doing that, I wasn’t too worried but I wasn’t satisfied either, and life is all about being satisfied with ourselves, right?

What’s the point of living our lives without being satisfied with ourselves? My answer is, none. I know a few people, who believe that the sole purpose of living is to make others happy. I think these people need to get a life. We can sacrifice a lot of things, but our own lives? Definitely not. I don’t believe in after lives and I don’t care about them, all I know is that I’ve been gifted with one life and I don’t want to give anyone the satisfaction of having lived mine. I’ve decided to live my life on my own terms. I might face drawbacks, but then, what is the thrill without any risks. I’d rather face the consequences of my actions than others’.

There are a fair few people out there who like to have a commanding grip over others’ lives. As far as I’m concerned, these people are best avoided. One who always wants to tell others what to do and how to live, can never be a good companion, and I will not (hereafter) feel guilty of disappointing such persons. #NoteToSelf


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