Let’s say ‘No’

“Do as I say” – I heard this dialogue from a teacher. It didn’t seem too significant to me because we do what they say. I mean, how many people have told teachers, right in the face, that they can’t do what they say? I certainly haven’t. I had had the urge to retort at teachers, especially when I don’t want to do what they say, but never had I the nerve to directly say it. Of course, I have faced numerous incidents in which I go to school with incomplete homework, but never have I told a teacher, in prior that I wouldn’t do it.

It takes a huge amount of courage to say NO. What a simple word it is, but how difficult it is to utter, especially in school.

“Do as I say” – they tell us and we unquestioningly do as they say. It begins in school. When we can’t boldly refuse or disagree at a young age, then how can we do it later in life?

Such persons become unquestioning labours, who the corporate world would love to have. They don’t protest. They are blinded by money.

So, it comes back to ‘school’. If a student is trained to question (not only regarding subjects), then these students will grow up to be the youth who would stand for what they should, and not for what they are told to stand for; know when to say “No”, and wouldn’t hesitate to say “No” when it has to be said.


We are free. Have your say.

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