The festival of darkness.

A power cut of two hours results in us complaining about the heat, but it’s boiling somewhere – literally. That somewhere is the centre of what many people still call  ‘beautiful Earth’. The lava from the active volcanoes are boiling at a degree that will soon cremate us on the spot.

We don’t need scientific researches to prove it with statistical data. The strongest icebergs in the Antarctica region are melting faster than never before. It’s all thanks to the UV rays that are penetrating our Earth’s defences even while you are reading this. The unholy smoke has made the Ozone holey.

We know only about the Ultra Violet Rays. Who knows what other harmful rays are following the UV? Every other hazardous particles are now welcomed into the Earth. The Ozone has become so fragile that soon enough, it will become futile. For the petty joy of a couple of minutes, we are willing to demolish the future of the next twenty generations, figuratively.

In times old, when people still had a regard for the environment, Deepavali meant sharing joy, but now, it has lost its meaning and significance. Now, it is all about how much more we can spend on crackers and brands than our neighbors.

We don’t care about the environment, do we? That’s what the scientists and researchers are for, aren’t they? We won’t care about anything for as long as doesn’t affect us directly. Maybe, that is human.


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