Daily musings

I felt lonely today. School, as usual, was a total disorder. My classmates asked me why I looked sad. I didn’t look sad, I was only quiet. How easily people misunderstand you for being sad if you’re silent. The reason for my quietness? My friends were absent, simple, but the reason all the same.

Generally, I don’t miss anyone in school. If one is absent, there is always another, that’s my attitude. I’ve never had friends who would hang out only with me and I didn’t care about it too. I enjoyed being able to talk to everyone. I never was a part of a gang, but that wasn’t a bother.

Today though, I, for the first time in school, missed my friends. They are not great or brilliant, but they are most irritating people I can call friends.

I often wonder why and how we became friends, but that is a question I haven’t been able to answer. It just happened. They sit with me, they annoy me, they don’t let me do my work and I got used to it. Thanks to our class teacher for the seating arrangements.

Why, after so many years of schooling, was I suddenly bored without them? Was I missing the daily canteen sessions I have with them? I think not. I felt their absence and it was something new, something that made me yearn for their return. I might sound stupid, but stupidity is the essence of relationships.

It’s a pity that I should feel lonely, when school life is almost at its close. We have just begun to imagine life after schooling; people beyond the building we are accustomed to. If there is one good thing about life at school, it’s the friendships and the cherishable memories it imparts.

Strange it took me so long to realize it.


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