My brother really is… never mind.

To describe my brother in one word, the least I can do is: rare. Yes, he is an original piece of work and has a rare character. That boy (he really isn’t a boy, but ‘man’ sounds too serious), well, I really have no idea how to describe his character. There is only one thing that is constant about him: BEER.

He is an adventurous boy. So adventurous that he would sink his teeth into anything non-vegetarian that is edible, but when one looks at him, he looks like an underfed kid.

Jughead is his blog picture, and the more I wonder why the more I realize that Jughead’s character describes my brother best. Juggy is the exact pictorial representation of my bother (purely intentional). Both of them have fallen head over heals in love with food and both look like pencils wearing jeans.

Generally, when he speaks, he seems to make sense, but many a time he just blabbers. He loves speaking and all he needs to keep him going is a victim who can listen and nod. He doesn’t dominate a conversation though. What he really does is, if the one who is supposed to be talking with him is a little weak in conversation skills, my bro will do the honour of speaking on behalf. Like I already said, he is such a lover of food (he can’t get enough of it) and words, with Kingfisher to taste.

To help myself do a better job of this post, I asked my mother to name a few adjectives that, in her view, describe her son. Well, here’s what she told me: contented, loving, lovable, kind hearted, absent minded, forgetful, and irresponsible at times.

Pondering on these words, I realized all of those were true. I am not too interested about the loving, lovable and kind-hearted brother. It may be true but it’s too boring. Everyone is a good boy at home, which is not what I want to elaborate about. On a more exciting note, he is such an irresponsible idiot (most of the times). We witness a different comedy every week. His greatest problem is remembering when he had booked tickets and when he hadn’t, he can’t keep track of the dates of tickets, and he needs a reminder to remind him to ‘go home’. If he says he’s coming home for a weekend, I wouldn’t believe it until I see him. There is always so much of drama around him.

He studied engineering, but from what I know, he regrets it so much that he still didn’t bother to receive his degree certificate. He is an engineer, but he doesn’t have proof to attest it.

Those who associate with him would probably know how forgetful he can be. He could give Sanjay Ramasamy a run for his money. He’d say he’ll call back in ten minutes, and would forget about it within seconds. He has spent days without recharging his phone because, he would forget.

If there is one other thing that he absolutely loves, besides eating and beer, it’s sleeping. If he’s at home, I don’t even attempt to wake him, because my voice would only fall on deaf ears; I’d rather maintain my dignity.

One thing that I really like about him, (despite the fact that he is my brother) is the fact that he is frank. If he doesn’t like something, he just says it. I don’t think that he believes in the not-hurting-another’s-feelings theory. Of course, he wouldn’t hurt anyone on purpose, but he wouldn’t falsely appreciate something he doesn’t like just so as to not hurt others, and as he says, he doesn’t “openly criticize anyone or anything”.

He is one who lives everyday on a moment basis, at his own risk and expense, oh, and in case I’ve forgotten, he is also my brother.


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