Piggy business

I’ve used this blog to record a lot of my everyday rants, the common one being the incredible standards of education in India, particularly the South. Nowadays, in India, education is spelled M-O-N-E-Y and lots of it too. Having successfully broken through the hectic school life, I’ve had first hand experience when it comes to admission for higher education. And I have only one thing to say.

Bloody flock of sheep.

I was totally appalled by the way people rush to settle their children into a college; it’s almost as if they want to get rid of their kids for a few years. Parents make pathetic efforts to enroll their children in colleges, and I must say how amused I was to look at the look of desperation on the faces of anxious parents. How silly of them!

Unless I’m mistaken, (and I’m quite sure I’m not) a degree is not a necessity. I feel that the ones who heavily advertise and promote the concept of the necessity of a yellow robe are the representatives of leading educational institutions. Those preachings are now the talk of the town; our people are not the most difficult to convince. (we witness it during every other election) Isn’t it evident that these institutions are just mercenary, and not at all interested in the empowerment of youth as they claim?

I believe that a student should do a degree only if he/she has an interest and curiosity to do it, and not for the sake of a written attestation. Isn’t it better to spend one’s life in something he knows he’d enjoy, rather than whiling away precious years in a course that parents force them into? Oh, yes it is.

And about the sheep story, it’s a pity that folks feel convention is safe, despite watching conventions turn into absurdity. They say change alone is permanent but refuse to put it into action. Sad.

This convention doesn’t seem to be confined to education alone, rather, people stick to a step by step procedure throughout their lives and are scared to break free of their shackles for fear of what society would say. Society has it’s own say in everything we do and most people are too concerned about it than themselves. The same goes when it comes to marriages. I really don’t know who framed the real age limit for an unmarried life, because a lot of people can’t bear to see a twenty+ year old girl at home; everyone from relatives to friends begin to bombard the parents with questions and even matrimonial offers, as if life is an arrangement. Society doesn’t allow girls to even enjoy their lives. Boys are more pitiable; just when they realize the joy of freedom they’re persuaded into marriage. It disgusts me that people can’t keep their noses out of others’ lives.

People have been brainwashed so much that they now believe that conventional college life is the only option. That’s the sad part, they are sincere in their belief. Even reputed companies don’t care much about their employees’ talent, rather what interests them is the number of years their employees have spent under a college roof, the more popular the roof is, the better. Education which once led to knowledge, has now become a doorway between money. You can spend loads of money and learn how to retrieve your money and earn more. Where’s the possibility for genuine knowledge?

Of late, it’s quite common to hear parents complaining how much of a business education has become, but despite all complaints, they still tend to spend (at least by means of loan) on colleges. Ask them why and they’ll say, “better safe than sorry.” As far as I know, not even the world’s greatest scientist can guarantee a safe night’s sleep. Then why waste time caring about the certainly uncertain? (stole that from my brother!) 😉

It’s not just commoners who are to be blamed, listening to the authorities of those money-machines, anyone would be tempted to enroll immediately, and what’s worse; to pay a major part of the fees. They use such polished language that it’s difficult to see through it. To be point blank, it seemed to me like addressing a group of pigs before a mass slaughter.

Well, after all of this, I’ve decided that if I do a degree I would never trouble myself with my results, I am interested in nothing more than my passion. I’ve decided to break my shackles. No matter how difficult the consequences of my choices are, I believe I can face it as long as the decisions are mine.

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