Yet Another Face of Poetry

Slam poetry, sometimes also called spoken word poetry is something I’ve already written about. Here’s another one, a slam by a teacher. The name’s Tylor Mali.

What do teachers make?

I have always been doubtful of our education system, but even I can’t deny the work of teachers. I have laughed at the thought of being a teacher, because I never thought they mattered. I know better now.

I’ve had had a few teachers who were much more than what they were paid to be. Those teachers changed my view of teaching. They make a difference. But not everyone, not everyone who’s taught can be a teacher. That is probably the most annoying thing about the profession.

Teachers do make a difference, and a god damn good one too.

Anyway, here’s Tylor Mali himself slamming.

Here’s the poem in cartoon form. From Zenpencils | “What teachers make

4 thoughts on “Yet Another Face of Poetry

  1. This is great! Coming from a man who used to teach alternative school kids, which mean they were there or prison, and had them protect me from other students and walk me to my car, I know a teacher can make a difference. Respect the kid and they respect you. They got it from me because they didn’t get it at home. The parent might have asked what they got from me that was worth paying to be there, but I ask them what did they get for being at him and paying for being born?


    1. Right you are, Ronovan. Whatever a kid does, he gets it from his teacher. And when a kid respects a teacher, we know how much of a difference he’s made.
      Oh, and if you have students who protect you by walking you to your car, then you must be a great teacher!
      Cheers, and thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  2. Oh and a different take on slam poetry; break out a Bible and read Matthew 23 and read his take on the Pharisees. Talk about Slam. I read it sometimes when I get frustrated and mad at the world and just need to chill.


    1. Ronovan,
      Just read that part. Though I don’t follow the Bible, I did like the slam. Those were some really strong words.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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