We’ll never be younger!

I recently came across a slideshow on the Internet that displayed the 15 most common causes of death. It included drowning, falling objects and suffocation and a few other things.

Speaking of death, I wondered how I would want my death to be. I had never before given much thought to it, but once I did, I really had a lot to mull over.

I thought of the random school shootings that happened in the US. How would I feel dying in such a way? I would obviously hate it.

Sometime back, I witnessed an accident. There I was, in the railway station, waiting sleepily for the train to arrive, and I was suddenly interrupted in my thoughts of the sound of a girl shouting. She had tried to get into a train that had begun to move, and she fell onto the to platform. For a fleeting moment, I had my heart in my mouth. I could only marvel at the girl’s luck of not falling on the tracks; the train was slowly gaining momentum and would have crushed her.

That’s when it really struck me. How feeble our life is. It is then that I thought of how selfish and silly we are most of the times; considering ourselves mighty when we throw away our lives. It’s in our nature, as I understand it.

There is no guarantee for the next breath, yet we strut along as if we have forever to do what makes us happy. (I know for a fact that this is not going to improve my procrastinating skills. (That is conveniently irreversible!))

How often we forget that we’ll never be younger!

I have made a decision. I know now, how I don’t want to go.  My mother used to say, ‘do not be a football of others’ opinions’; I don’t want to be a victim of others’ decisions and faults. I want to ‘greet Death as an old friend’.


3 thoughts on “We’ll never be younger!

  1. Greet death as an old friend., line from Harry Potter…a nice thought though, its a marvel how easily we can dies but the human spirit keeps us alive for such a long time that we start taking it for granted


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