We’re all Storytellers

I sometimes find myself wondering if I could ever be a writer. Writers seem like an elite force. When we think of writers we can only form an image of our favourite or not so favourite writers who flood the world with their narratives. Why is it so? I sometimes hear people discouraging aspirants saying that you need certain qualities to be a writer. Some of them, are totally agreeable. Like you have to read a lot to find a way to express your thoughts in the written form. Where else would you find the words that aptly point out a certain thought?

As far as I can tell, there is just one golden rule to writing: reading. They go hand in hand, and compliment each other well.

Of course we can write without reading too, but such pieces of writing would lack clarity, and in a sense, sense!

The other myths however, like you have to be descriptive in every aspect, or you need to be an extrovert, talk to people about random and stupid things. These supposed ‘rules’ are just myths.

These beliefs should be busted and due time, they will be. We all have our unique way of looking at life and interpreting it. Also, all of us have our own life stories. When we write it as it is, it becomes an autobiography. When we refer to our lives and borrow certain incidents and events from our minds, in a piece of writing, that becomes a novel.

It could become a flop or bestseller, but that depends largely on the marketing tactics.

So, we’re all storytellers. We all have it in us. Some have kindled the fire; some are tying to; and some others just prefer not to be engulfed in the flames.

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