Happy New Year

It’s been just over two years since I registered with WordPress.


The good thing is, my writing has improved. I now find it easier to put things in words and make it sound the way I want them to, mostly.

On the down side, my blog hasn’t grown the way I hoped it would. The reason is obvious. I don’t spend time for The Chaos Within.

The chaos within me is as chaotic as it ever was. But I still don’t do much. I have 90+ drafts as of today. I re-wrote my about page, but didn’t updated it.

I kind of felt bored with the theme I used.

But most importantly, I’ve changed much from the way I was a couple of years ago. And my blog hasn’t changed with me. That’s what’s bugging me.

So, I decided to stop it.

Not blogging, but complaining and procrastinating.

I decided to make the change. I’m giving a makeover for The Chaos Within.

I’ve updated my about page and I’ve changed my blog’s looks.

This is my first post in a new theme. It’s the beginning of a new year for me and my blog. I want it to be bigger, better and represent me.

Happy new year, to us.

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