In a world like this…


“How can you be so careless?” Jim shook his head clearly annoyed. “Clear that up, now” be barked at his wife.

She did. How clumsy of her, to drop that new porcelain vase that Jim’s mother had given them.

Jim was fuming, but Martha couldn’t quite understand why. He hadn’t even looked twice at that vase. He hated his mother’s floral taste, and had reproached her when she had brought it in. Martha decided not to say anything. Jim was in a bad mood. Now was not the right time to talk household affairs.

She sighed and got back into the kitchen. The dishes were waiting. Jim’s behaviour didn’t bother her in the slightest. She was used to it. Over these five years of marriage, the only thing that surprised her about Jim was the day he walked into the front door and flung his bag in a corner in anger. It had been only a month since their wedding day, and Martha was keen to build a steady relationship.

She had approached Jim who sat in the couch, cracking his knuckles and biting his lower lip.

“You want anything to drink?” she asked smiling.

He had looked at her. His eyes boring into hers. That’s when she noticed how frightening he looked. She had backed a few steps, the smile on her face fading.

He rose without saying a word. He turned to face her squarely and asked in a malicious tone, “A drink?”

He paused, for the anger to sink in. It didn’t take long for Martha. She gulped hard. Then, he continued “Get out of my face.” She made to leave when he added harshly, “Quick!”

That was the first time he had yelled at her. And also the last time he had surprised her.

She smiled at the dishes as she thought of that day long ago. How frightened she had been!

“I’m leaving for work!”

“Have a nice day.” Martha instinctively came out to see him off. She had learnt to speak in flat tones.

Jim reached his office. A huge pile of papers awaited him, just like each day.

“Late again, McGruff!”

Jim knew that voice. He had been yelled at in the same tone for five years now.

“I’m sorry, Boss. I’ll get to work.” Jim replied in a low voice. He cast his eyes down, and walked towards his seat uncomplaining.

I’ve seen similar incidents everywhere. We tend to take our anger out on people who don’t deserve it. Sometimes, we can’t help it. And so, this is my post for the Weekly Writing Challenge: Worlds Colliding. I know I’m late, but I wanted to publish it anyway.

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