Another Year. Yet Again

Google surprised me. Yet again.

My own personalised doodle!

I don’t remember seeing a personalized Google doodle for my last birthday. It’s just this year. Perhaps it’s not such a big deal, maybe it’s been around for some time now. But no one I ever know spoke of this, and I thought it was pretty cool to suddenly find out on my birthday at 12.35 AM.

That said, the intent of the post is not to thank Google. It’s to reflect on the past one year. But just as I typed that out, I realized that would be boring. It would be boring to read and even more so to write about.

So, let’s talk about today.

Things will change from today. I’ve been away from work for a week and in the meantime, I cut my hair off. I had weak and almost-long hair. Now it’s short, easily manageable. So, it’s bound to raise eyebrows – not something I’m not used to. Plus, going back to work really means, having to work on Mondays and Fridays. That I’m not thrilled of. But at least there’ll be Saturday afternoons.

Apart from that, life would be pretty normal. It’ll be tough to get back to the routine after a week of chaotic lifestyle. It’s going to be difficult to get back to waking up at 5.30 and hitting the sack  before 11.

Enough of the rant though.

It’s my birthday. I’m twenty as of today. No more a teenager, no more a kid. Of course, to my mother, I’m always a small child, but mothers don’t count. I’ve grown a lot. I’ve grown out a lot of my old, childish habits, and also a few clothes. I’ve grown out of the “irresponsible” age and am supposedly into the enjoyable twenties, the age of responsible drinking. (Does anyone else ever think that the words “responsible” and “drinking” don’t go well together?)


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