Play Terms

“That’s it — we’re done.”
“No, we’re not,” — Defiance, the only solace of the weak.
“Yes we are. I’m leaving and I’m taking her. Goodbye.” She turned to leave.
“No — wait. Please, give me another chance. Please?”
“You do this every day — I can’t take it anymore.” She folded her hands across her chest, waiting to hear the apology again.
“I won’t do it again!” — The hysterical plea. “I promise, don’t go.”
Heaving dramatically, she sternly added, “Alright. But if you pull out my doll’s hairs again, I’m taking her away, and we’ll never be friends again.”

Dialogues are fun; you hardly know where you’re going until you’ve read it whole. Just over a year ago, there was a Weekly Writing Challenge for dialogue. I liked the idea but couldn’t think of anything to write then — I suddenly remembered it and took it up for today.

National Blog Posting Month — #Day10

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