Accidental Bestseller

His book was on the best sellers list and it was the worst possible thing that could have happened. – Today’s Author

He had never expected to send that draft to print; it was his first novel, and it was meant to remain unpublished.

Despite the people who appreciated the work, he knew it fell short somewhere. After countless scrutinizing drafts later, he had decided to put it off for sometime.

Then came the flourishing era.

He wrote another book, published it, and from there, his path was paved with success.

Throughout the years, the first novel remained a draft, collecting dust in his drawer. He never made an effort to revive it.

His family tried to coerce him into getting it published but he wouldn’t budge. He had convinced himself that his first book wasn’t meant for public readership.

Then it happened.

One bright Sunday, he left home for his morning walk, never to return.

Floating in mid-air, he gaped longingly at the shelves. After what seemed like hours, a young girl picked up a copy and flipped it to read the synopsis.

He read it over her shoulder.

“The critically acclaimed first work of the great novelist Bradly Wilson, published posthumously by his loving family.”

“This is his greatest contribution to the literary world. Pity he never got to see it in print.” — The New York Times.

“He was always like that; he gave away a lot without trumpeting it” — Mrs. Wilson.

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