Taking a step back

Hello to you.

It’s nice having you here. I can’t tell you enough how much your reading this matters to me.

This November, I decided to take on both NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo at once by rewriting one chapter of my two-year-old first draft of a novel.

7 days; 7 posts; 7 chapters later, I’d like to make take a pause and reflect.

What you think of my novel so far?

I’ve been getting a few views and a few likes on all of my chapters, so I’m assuming someone’s been reading them.

And I’d like it if you could share your honest opinions in the comments below. If you think I’m good — let me know. If you think I’m great– please let me know. If you perhaps think I’m so bad that I should stop writing altogether and go live under a rock, then by all means let me know that as well. I might not promise anything, but I’d appreciate your saying that.

Thanks all. Hope the rest of your weekend goes well.


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