Stopping by the street

I take pride in my focus. When I’ve got work to do and know what I’m doing, I don’t get distracted much. Or at least until I notice a quirky sentence. Bill boards, advertisements, text messages—anything in an unconventional font or phrasing catches my attention in an instant. And I can’t help but drop all I’m doing to stare and capture that moment.

I took this particular photo in Pondicherry while my friend and I walked through well-paved roads, admiring the city. Pondicherry is an ancient French Colony, and so everything about it has a a vibrant and foreign flavour. Well, their name boards aren’t any different. Not only does this cake shop have a rather awkward name, but it also flaunts a font style you don’t often see on shop signs. (Although I admit the extra space before the exclamation point makes me uncomfortable.) That was my “Oh, shiny. I need to freeze this” moment.

Cake shop in Pondicherry

Teaming up

When two natural elements come together in an obvious way, we often don’t realise how the other two elements complement and contribute to balance that scenery. Anywhere we turn, there’s water, earth, fire, and air working as one. That’s what I recognised in this picture, when I looked at it months after taking it. The sea and the rocks were obvious, but without the wind and the heat of the atmosphere, the sea wouldn’t have been so ferocious, and the rocks wouldn’t have even existed. Now that’s teamwork.

nature in teamwork

Baker’s goodness

The best thing about travelling is travelling. The next best thing is the food. On a trip to Pondicherry, my friend and I stopped at Baker’s Street. As fun as that sounds without context, to add context, Baker’s Street is the name of a local bakery full of French delicacies and goodness. It was one of those mornings after a night of splurging, and the last thing on my mind was more food. However, after looking at the display, I couldn’t resist. I didn’t eat much, but I made up for the lack of eating with an overflow of photographing. I had so many that I decided to put them all together. Well, what can you do when you’re so overwhelmed by sandwiches?

Baker's Street

Focussed on one, un-focussing all else

This week’s photo challenge is interesting for two reasons. One, David Watkis posted a bokeh, almost out-of-focus, photo of the New York skyline, asking for something that represents focus to us. I never keep the remains of my disastrous, no-focus photographs. And so my initial reaction was to hold my head in my hands and wonder what to do.

Later, though, I looked at my archives and I realised that I indeed have a bunch of then-embarrassing photos. That’s the second reason this challenge is interesting. When I looked at that photograph, I relived the moment: It was couple of years ago in Pondicherry, a city I’d love to  return to any weekend of the year. It’s close by and offers a lot more than affordable alcohol and glorious gelato.

It was around five o’clock in the morning when I looked through our hotel window. The street was deserted except for a few early-morning health walkers and yoga enthusiasts. I was so focussed on capturing the emptiness in the street that only later did I realise  how the objects in the photo came out un-focssed. For some weird reason I hadn’t deleted the photo, and I’m glad I didn’t.