Stopping by the street

I take pride in my focus. When I’ve got work to do and know what I’m doing, I don’t get distracted much. Or at least until I notice a quirky sentence. Bill boards, advertisements, text messages—anything in an unconventional font or phrasing catches my attention in an instant. And I can’t help but drop all I’m doing to stare and capture that moment.

I took this particular photo in Pondicherry while my friend and I walked through well-paved roads, admiring the city. Pondicherry is an ancient French Colony, and so everything about it has a a vibrant and foreign flavour. Well, their name boards aren’t any different. Not only does this cake shop have a rather awkward name, but it also flaunts a font style you don’t often see on shop signs. (Although I admit the extra space before the exclamation point makes me uncomfortable.) That was my “Oh, shiny. I need to freeze this” moment.

Cake shop in Pondicherry

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