“It’s all about you… and a little bit about me too”


Julian Assange and Benedict Cumberbatch keep popping up inside my head every now and then.

Of course, I’m talking about ‘The Fifth Estate’ the 2013 movie based on WikiLeaks’ and Julian’s rise of fame on the internet.

To be honest, when WikiLeaks began to rise to the peaks leaking highly confidential information that seriously jeopardized the US government (See? The effect still hasn’t gone off!) I was genuinely interested. Just like so many others. Then, like most people, the matter faded away. Last I heard of Julian Assange, he was arrested and there were protests worldwide demanding his release.

Fast forward a three years. I grew up, (What a pity!) and a couple of months earlier I began to be crazily interested in BBC’s Sherlock TV series. I watched all three seasons in a hurry. When I was looking for more, I found ‘The Fifth Estate.’

It brought back so many old memories. I did some digging. Went back to the website after ages, and came across an article that said something about a “letter.” From Julian Assange to Benedict Cumberbatch.

I so wanted to read that letter. It was on the WikiLeaks website. Unedited, as always.

Long letter short: Julian wasn’t happy about the movie idea. He said the script was based on two books, which told the untruth. He tried to convince Benedict to step away from the project.

I must say, there was so much conviction in that letter that I was surprised that Benedict didn’t walk away.

So that was the reason, I knew I should watch the movie. The movie that, despite Julian claiming said all lies about him and his employees at WikiLeaks, came out and — I guess — ran successful.

After Sherlock, I became a Benedict fan. I watched the movie, partly for him. And I wasn’t disappointed. Great acting, not to mention the dialogues.

I’d say the movie was quite posed neutrally, in such a way that in the end, you neither hate nor like Assange. But the final few scenes did show him a little negatively.


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