Reignited Interest

I’ve begun making fancy bead jewelry again.


It’s been long since I had given up on the art of making do-it-yourself jewelry. It all began with a class in school, where we were asked to get creative with thread and beads.

I came up with stuff I never knew I could do. With the help of the internet and other fancy stuff we see on television, I learnt to create patterns on my own to make bracelets, chains and ear rings.

One thing led to another. And soon, I was sitting up all night making bracelets, even though I never had the interest to wear them.

The suddenly, it all changed when a “friend” asked me to do a bracelet for her, and then displayed it as if she had made it. That was the end of it all. The friendship, and my interest in putting beads together.

You can call it childish , because I was young. Thirteen, if I’m not wrong. And at that age, you get offended for things like that. (Honestly, I’ll get offended for something like, no matter how old I am.)

Now though, it’s all back.


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