Just Another Day – Just Became Lovely

It’s thanks to Mia, who’s nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog Award.” And I can’t say how surprised I was when I saw that. It lifted my mood.

One lovely blog award

Things have been going downhill for a while and nothing seemed right. And when you’re sulking around, it’s a pleasure to have something like this happen to you. But I assume news like this, is great to anyone, anytime.

So, without further ranting, the rules of this award:

Thank the person who nominated you for the award — Check

Display the One Lovely Blog Award on your blog — Check

Share 7 things about yourself — Uh oh, this is not my area.

Nominate 15 bloggers you admire and let them know by commenting on their blog — 15, huh? What do you say we bend the rules? They’re more like guidelines anyway. (Yup. Pirate.)

About me:

  1. I believe my About page should give you a better understanding about myself than this post ever will.
  2. I’m currently re-reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, for the 7th time. It’s an all-time favourite.
  3. I own more books than I can read.
  4. Of late, I’ve taken a sudden craving for fruits. Apples and pears in particular. And this comes from someone who used to hate fruits of any kind.
  5. I write a lot of my blog posts when I’m supposed to be working. Like for instance, now.
  6. I love coffee. I’m adventurous about trying out anything that’s coffee flavoured. Hot, cold, cake, chocolate, espresso, sugarless – everything.
  7. I can whistle tunes quite well. (I can’t believe I’ve never mentioned it here before! Thanks again Mia, for giving me a reason to remember it!)

*Bonus: I’m not a fan of hearts, and so I’ve used a non-heart image of the One Lovely Blog Award.

My nominees:

  1. Sam, over at Sammi Talk – It’s been long since I’ve met someone younger than myself impressing me as much as Sam did. She wants to be published before she turns 18. Well, what can I say? All the best!
  2. Louise, over at Life in Poetry – Beautiful. No easier way to say it. Sometimes the best of things are shortly said. Enough said.
  3. Lewis, over at Gosketching – This is the first fully sketching blog I’m following, and I don’t sketch. Lewis’s work impressed me so much that I wanted them in my inbox regularly.
  4. Aadi, over at Snapshots – A beautiful photo blog from an equally good writer. Keep ’em coming Aadi. I’m looking forward for more.
  5. Mohsin, over at Vivid Perceptions – He’s a versatile blogger. He publishes essays, random observations, photos and of course, great poetry.
  6. Liz, over at Verbal Dreaming – Another of those blogs that attracted me because of the name. But it’s just not that; she works words in a unique and enjoyable way.
  7. Alex, over at Cherchez La Lumière – What happens when you meet someone who’s living the life you adore? You follow. Alex travels, photographs and posts them for your pleasure, and a little bit of envy.
  8. Cecilia, over at Fantasy Transcendent – A highly relatable blogger. Her poems gently knock at your memories, making you shout out,”me too!” Also, she has a queer set of characters for her short stories. Always a pleasure to read.
  9. Stuart, over at Story Shucker – I’ve enjoyed Stuart’s stories for a long time. He’s got a large readership, so he might get a lot of nominations like this but I wanted to share this with him as well. Thanks for all those great stories, Stuart.


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