The Moment

He waded through the traffic. ‘Why today?’ he thought furiously. People always had reasons to protest on streets.

He slammed the brake, narrowly escaping another rider trying to get through the bigger vehicles. He sighed. ‘Calm down,’ He had been saying that to himself all morning, to no avail.

As the building loomed, tension mounted, his pulse raced, and his hands were getting sweaty.

Parking his bicycle near a neem tree near by, he leaned against the bark, breathing the medicinal scent to clear his head. He tried to steady himself as his legs started shaking.

There! His heart hammered.

He walked up to her, taking the roses from his bicycle basket. Breathing deeply, he went down on a knee and extended the flowers mutely.

Several emotions crossed her face before she said it.

Longer than the others, here’s another one for Flash Fiction. Do let me know what you think.


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