Glutton Diaries

glutton diaries

Finally, it all ends.
I welcome the calm
unlike ever before.

A week of pain —
week of disdain —
a week of sickness —
and involuntary fasting

All because,
of a night’s feasting.
Not much of a glutton
just an adventurer —
Shrimps and mutton
tandoori and fish
soaked in Indian spices.

Fried and toasted
grilled and smoked
so many flavours
so many colours
enthusiastically served
and experimented  —
a little too enthusiastically.

The main course gravy
with cut fish afloat
handfuls of ingredients —
not so much of goodness.

Just for a day —
blend custard pudding
and multi-flavour ice cream
top it up with lemon juice
wash ‘em down with fudge cake
pack up the rest —
and take it on the go.

It’s only for a day —
until you’ve learnt a lesson!


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