My Expert

Everyone — at least once in life — feels that they know what they’re doing. Everything anyone says sounds insane — particularly the mother.

But no matter how much you hurt her, shout at her or insult her even, she calls you back. It’s the best relationship anyone could ever have. It’s also the only relationship that everyone should experience to comprehend its beauty.

As for me, my mother is just annoying. All the time. She calls me 12 times a day. I need to report to her after breakfast, lunch and dinner. During weekdays, she needs to know once I’m safely home. I should report to her before going shopping, walking or for a dine out. She so compulsively needs to be aware of everything I do. Everyday.

It’s really a pain. I can hardly go about my daily life without thinking about the consequences of my decisions. She’s continuously worries about what I eat and drink — down to the last dreg of coffee.

She’s made my life so much tough.

But she’s also the one who gave me this life. She supported my every decision. Even if it was painful for her. She understood when I had to leave home. She did make a big deal out of it, even cried, but never once did she tell me to quit on my life and come back to her.

Anyone else would use what they’ve done for me as a way to manipulate me.

She might not know to navigate technology, she might be a ancient in modern society, she might not fit in. And she might not be the ideal 21st century mother.

But she’s the perfect mother for me. Because everything we went through, we’ve gone through together. And that’s what makes her my first and only life expert.

This contest on IndiBlogger made me reflect on my relationship with my mother.

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