Another Day

Girls walked in clusters, their red skirts swirling in the soft breeze. He watched them as they went into the opposite building. They seemed flustered, steaks of hair escaping from their braids. They rushed on, late for their classes.

Boys in blue shirts stood under the great big banyan tree. Some of them peered at books, some of them at the girls, while a couple of boys chased after the basketball that had run away from the court.

Everywhere he turned, he saw once-white shoes and energetic children. The pond in the distance rippled as the wind swept yellowing leaves into it.

The sun showered its love for the earth, despite the mid-monsoon week. The catering truck whizzed into view. Just looking at the closed vehicle gave him hunger pangs. He could almost smell the sausages and minced meat burgers within it. His stomach growled as the lorry passed his eyes. There was still a long time left for the lunch break.

Out of nowhere, a stern voice shattered his thoughts. “What the hell are you doing boy?” He turned to see his Math teacher towering over him, her mascara magnified under her spectacles.

“If you can’t concentrate when I’m talking, get out!”

It took her that long to free him.



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