Why would anyone leave the house without a paperclip in his pocket? BuzzFeed knows my age, my zodiac sign, and my favourite colour based on how long I stayed online. High tide or a low tide, I’ll be by your side with a can of beer and a plate of fish. According to Facebook, today is world toilet day, but a friend of mine posted that it’s men’s day. A party without champagne is a conversation without a meaning. I spent a fortune on a single course and a lifetime wondering why. Want a wedding dress, hardly used? I’m under a moral obligation to keep to the code. Death by chocolate — still a better love story than Twilight. Let’s hit the road.



I’ve signed up for the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge. It’s a ten-task-challenge that can span up to fifteen days. This post is my response to the third challenge: Risk for a Random. The challenge is to write ten sentences that have no connection to one another.



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