What I Learnt From Helping People

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I’ve been a WordPress member for 2 years now, though I haven’t been blogging or taking active part in the forums for that long.

Ever since I started reading the forums and replying, I’ve enjoyed it so much that it’s like a way of getting high. Nope, I’m not exaggerating, but it’s so satisfying to see someone walk away (!?) with whatever little help you offered. It’s such a peaceful feeling.

A couple of days ago, I went through the threads I had replied to about 4 months ago, and it definitely made me smile. To see people succeeding in doing something for themselves — wow it was inexplicable joy. But more than that, I was proud of myself. I was proud that the knowledge I had gained from blogging on WordPress has really helped some else blog better.

And, I was getting better at relationships!

I hate to get involved in communities offline. I get claustrophobic whenever I’m in a large crowd of people, particularly around friends of friends. Strangers, I don’t mind — but people who could be potential acquaintances — that’s a scary moment for me. I get scared at having to live in some one else’s shadow. That awkward feeling when you are with a bunch of people you partly know, only because you have a mutual friend? What happens if the friend suddenly moves away, and you’re left alone with these people?

I know — that’s my chance to make friends of my own — but it’s a bit awkward. At least for the first few times. I tend to take some time with people.

But all these changed online. The forums really helped me interact with people easily, and without making a fool out of myself.

Well, I did make a fool out of myself once or twice — or more, but the thing is, no one seemed to think that way. Besides, even if they did, no one comments on it, or makes it a big issue. After all, we all make mistakes and we need to learn somehow.

From chipping in at the WordPress Forums, I learnt the details of a few features that I use myself. Not to mention how much I enjoyed being a part of the WP community.

Also, I learnt how awesome the internet is.

National Blog Posting Month – #Day2

2 thoughts on “What I Learnt From Helping People

  1. I agree. I have been more active on forums and also on other people’s blogs. I like the camaraderie of the blogging world. I think it is the introvert in me that allows me to engage when I have the energy and desire and to disengage when I need downtime.


    1. Hi there, yes blogging and the forum conversations are such blessing to introverts. Like you said, the best part is that you know you can shut it off when it gets overwhelming!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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