150, Oh My!

This was not the post I had planned to publish today. Nevertheless, it’s as important as ever.

I’ve reached a milestone of 150 followers!

Sounds a little trivial? Well, not for me! I’ve spent much time and months for this blog  – not just publishing random posts, but also figuring out a way to get over my inhibitions and feel confident writing about my personal feelings. And though it took me longer than I hoped it would, I have finally managed to build a small readership for myself.

I’m so proud of myself – and thankful to everyone reading this. Thank you so much for everyone who came back for more of my writing – nothing motivated me as much as that rising bar chart in my blog statistics. To all of you who follow this blog, open post emails and spare your time to visit this space – I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

It’s been one hell of a journey on The Chaos Within – I remember times when I used to stare at posts that I thought were so good, but got no attention – of course, now I realize that blogging is more than publishing new blogs; it’s more about the people and the community. As I learn more and more about the amazing world of blogging, I invite you to stand alongside me so that we may take the ride together.

My dear bloggers, all of you are amazing, (whether you’re following me or not!) because blogging requires awesomeness at spirit and a kindness at heart that I’m only just beginning to experience.

Have a great day y’all. I know I will!

National Blog Posting Month – #Day3


6 thoughts on “150, Oh My!

  1. Congratulations! It all starts with the first follower and there you are. I think its all about being genuine. When you are so, the followers are originally there.
    It would be great though to have, maybe more than ten thousands of followers, but I don’t know about that yet (nor about the taste of your recent achievement). Which one would be better or is it better not to compare? (Maybe I’m triggered to write this since you’ve mentioned whether it could sound a little trivial to the reader…)
    Now, what is important is today is your day of celebration. I’m a drop in your pool and I’m proud of it.
    It has to be you to understand you. Cheers!


    • One or thousands, the followers count doesn’t matter as much as the relationships I’ve built with other bloggers.
      That’s why numbers are trivial for most bloggers. I wanted to celebrate though – particularly since it took me such a long time to connect to so many people.
      Anyway, thank you so much for dropping by, Meyla.

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