Oh, Fandoms!

Image courtesy: Pinterest | Colliding Fandoms

I love Pinterest. Because it fuels my multiple fandom needs. Facebook – well, not so much. Because that takes it all a little too far.

What is with fandoms that makes the hair in my neck stand erect, in utmost attention? And what is that feeling that leaves my spine tingling? Even I know it’s not that cold where I live. It’s the feeling of being satisfied by an image, a quote, a photo or a simple not-so-exact reference to a popular fandom.

I love BBC’s Sherlock. And the Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Harry Potter, Friends, The Big Bang Theory – the list goes on.

When I see a photo of Benedict Cumberbatch on a Facebook page I’ve liked, it makes me smile. It reminds me of Sherlock’s wit and Benedict’s acting. But I’d like to leave it that way. Simple.

Nowadays though, all I see are posts of Benedict’s photos with captions of how handsome he is, describing him as a cutie-pie, or a cherry blossom – or whatever crap.

And that’s annoying.

Admins of these pages use my interest in the show to manipulate me into ‘liking’ posts and even believing stuff my sane-self knows to be bull shit.

Something similar happened with the BSB – troll posts and all other fake people posting from their name – social networks became painful. It’s like they have to do whatever it takes to entertain their fans – even if it means stripping themselves naked. It all feels wrong and immature – perhaps it’s just me – but I don’t want to spend my day staring at old photos of the BSB, following them to recordings, sharing a vehicle, selfies or meals. That doesn’t mean I don’t like the BSB but I’d rather sit home enjoying some of their greatest music.

Using the natural affection for someone, or something seems to me like a cheap way of earning bucks. It’s like porn – the more you see this stuff, the more addicted you get and the higher the chances you participate in that fandom. Isn’t that the lowest level of insult possible?

I respect my fandoms enough to know where to draw the line.


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