The Ever-Changing Trait

Am I the same person I was two years ago?

Surely not.

Am I the same person I was one week ago?

Perhaps not.

Am I the same person I was when I began writing this post?


Who am I? I am a changing person. I change so much that even I don’t know how often I change. My personality, my opinions, my attitude, my mood — everything changes. And these are such rapid changes that I’m not always aware of them happening.

We assume that we seldom change. Perhaps in appearance, we don’t much but our minds are ever-changing. And that’s hard to accept.

But that’s the break-even point. Once we realize that we’re constantly changing  — or evolving if you will — it crushes our ego. That’s what happened to me.

Sometimes in a lengthy argument, I begin strong but as we continue, I often change my opinions. Perhaps it’s my opponent’s argumentative ability, or that I give myself some time to analyze — either way; I change.

Once I accept that, I’d lost interest in arguing — I still can if I want to, but what’s the point? If someone makes a valid point, why not accept it? After all, there’s no harm in trying out others’ suggestions.

Some people call it a negative habit.

But then again, why is unlikable? We all change, so it’s only good that we accept the transition as quickly as possible.

Besides, sooner the better. Huh?


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