Lingering Clue

lingering clue

“It’s too cold out there, Mark. Go read a book. Or play with your sister. Why do always want to go out into the snow?”

Mark hung his head and retreated. His mother had caught him sneaking through the door again. It wasn’t fair. He wanted to ski, and it was perfect outdoors. Maybe he’d try again later.

Mark was a great brother. His sister loved spending time with him and sharing gossip. She even told him about her first crush.

His mother was proud of him too. He was the ideal son, a good brother, and a gentleman in the making. So unlike the man in her life who had left her to chase his passion — never to return. But Mark was different. He was always there to care for his family.

Until 92′.

“I’ve got a chance to participate in the Winter Olympics preliminary round,” he announced, his voice echoing through the room.

Catherine remembered. Her brother used to clean up his snow-smudged shoes every morning.


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