Pursuit of Happyness

extroverts - paulo coelho

The Witch of Portobello is one my favourite books of Paulo Coelho. But I’m not sure if I agree with him on this one.

I’m no extrovert. And I’m no expert.

But I do know a lot of extroverts. And I know they love making merry and being comfortable. But so do introverts. We all want to be happy. The difference is how we represent ourselves. If extroverts are happy in large gatherings of friends, introverts are happy in the company of one good friend. It’s just that not many people know it when introverts are happy, because we share it with a select few. As for our extrovert counterparts, they like sharing their happiness with more than a select few.

But on a deeper level, extroverts or introverts, we all try to prove something to ourselves. And if being happy is what it is, then I say, nothing’s better.



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