Excitement swelled within her as she grasped the paper in her hand. She had worked hard enough, toiled long enough, and spent more than enough of time and money to find a job. Now she had one. Relieved, she slumped on the floor, kicking her bedspread to clear some space.

What a year it’d been. Her education loan piled up faster than she had expected, and the house owner had threatened to raise the rent on the rooftop shack she occupied by the water tank.

She scanned her offer letter for the hundredth time. Undervalued and under appreciated. Yet employed.

3 thoughts on “Realities

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. As for more of the story, it’s open for interpretation. I don’t know much of it myself. Haven’t given much thought to it, but maybe I’ll try to make a part two. 🙂


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