Nothing could hinder her way anymore. She’d been patient, she’d done her time. With destiny awaiting, she was now all ready to unleash her soul.

Walking away from her home of four years, Karla shed her graduation robe while her classmates posed for another groupfie. They were welling up vouching they’d forever miss the good old days.

Karla never looked back. She neither teared nor cared. Their affection remained a puzzle to her—she knew the reality: people forget. While they celebrated their collective achievement, she set out to celebrate freedom.

“Finish your degree first,” her parents had challenged.

4 thoughts on “Unaffection

  1. Simple and true😊 However close we may be to them people do forget us… But you know what I feel that to leave your mark may be difficult but it’s not impossible… Which reminds me of my initial introduction at my blog… Yeah I do want to leave my mark😊

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  2. How beautifully have you put this. I am about to graduate, I hear these promises every other day, the convocation is just a few weeks away and the promises only puzzle me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, congratulations! Graduation is a big deal. People often make promises they can’t keep. I guess it’s just natural, wishful thinking sometimes. But I hope you, unlike the girl in my story, have at least a few true friends you can always call on. Good luck!


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