Warm Dinner on a Cold Night

Warmth – for me, it’s food. Ever since I got a camera, I’ve been trying out new recipes, just so I can photograph them.

And one of my favourite foods of all time – the ever-satiating corn. I just love to roast and eat it off the cob.

There it was boiling away, while I, prepped up the details – and when it was finally done, I bought it out to the table – and the power went off. It didn’t help that it had just rained and natural light was almost zero.

That’s when the flashlight came into play. After this shot, I could eat in peace and really feel the warm corn spreading warmth down my throat on a wet night.


Catching up on the Photography 101 Challenge: Warmth. Also, National blog Posting Month – #Day14 | Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth.

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