A Touch of Mystery

Since I already posted my warmth photo in different light, for mystery, I decided to take a new approach.

The most mysterious thing to me is the human mind. Nothing too technical; it just baffles me how people sometimes work and think. For instance, it’s Saturday – which is officially a holiday – but I see a lot of my colleagues working as they do on a warm Tuesday afternoon. There’s always work to do, yes, but it matters how you prioritize your work and personal life. But here they are, emerged in their daily tasks, as if working through the weekend will reduce the workload.

So here’s the mystery: why do people work throughout the weekend, when instead, they could be enjoying cold coffee on the beach?


I guess I’ll never see their logic.

Also, I’ve edited the photo to give it a touch of mystery – what do you think?

 National Blog Posting Month – #Day15


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