What do you eat?

Sylvia Plath is beginning to grow on me. Her words are hauntingly relatable. They have an aura of dark reality that simply refuses to leave the mind. This one here is no different.

Sylvia Plath - what have I eaten

It’s bitter, it’s harsh, and it’s the truth.

Lies and smiles – that’s all we’ve consumed all our lives. Just thinking about it makes me wonder why it never before occurred to me. It’s the simplicity of the fact that makes you want to slap yourself hard in the face.

What a two-faced world we live in! Each of us has a face unknown to the rest of the world. A face that lies, a face that smiles; it’s become impossible to discern one from the other.

We’re all mere players in a world that’s as mysterious as we are.

P.S – Image source: Pinterest


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