What’s your choice?

When it comes to words of wisdom, she’s now my go-to person. It’s pretty amazing how whatever she’s written is so relatable. I have a choice - Sylvia Plath It’s like she’s seen right through you and spoken the very words that you would cringe to admit. I don’t know about you guys, but I sure have found myself in the “in between” point that Sylvia mentions. I’ve been torn between the choice of being happy and the undeniable circumstances of mourning.

In fact, when you pay enough attention to it, there’s a lot to worry about. Work, family, health, debt, duties… it’s an endless list. And these are mostly sad instances. There’s nothing joyful about work pressure, or health issues.

But then, there’s the choice.

Isn’t it better to be happy about earning enough to enjoy a great movie at the theatre with corn that’s popped to perfection, than worry about being constantly picked on at work? But it’s not always the option we’d opt for; we’d usually get stuck “in between.”

And that’s where we need to make a conscious choice. It’s either happiness or sadness – because even introspective sadness has a calming effect on the soul, whereas indecisiveness is just a complete fiasco.

We are free. Have your say.

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