An Artist’s Life

Amanda Palmer-The Art of Asking
From ‘The Art of Asking,’ by Amanda Palmer

Ever had that feeling of being lost? The frustration of not being able to be as good as you want to be? I know I’ve had that feeling – still do, but that’s when we need words like these. To calm the soul, to assure us that it’s all going to be fine. Because everyone’s gone through it. Every artist faces a point where he or she’s torn between scarcity and abundance.

Art doesn’t make money grow on trees; we all know that. And we still choose to do it.

What do we hope for, when we continue to create art despite knowing that it might only lead us down poverty’s path?

Are we hoping for the next best seller? The cover image of a popular art magazine? The headlines of the reputed news channel that no one but the rich have the time to while away on?

Hell yes! Every artist hopes for recognition. And abundance.

But these’s more…

It’s not just the glitter that we’re after. We create art, because we have to. Because knowing that you want to be an artist and not working on it, is like burying all your dreams and accepting a hideous mask in this already two-faced world.

And as artists, we can’t do that.

So we create art instead – the only thing we can do to stay sane. Such art comes from the heart; it’s raw, it’s fresh and it connects with its audience.

And once we’ve reached that point, the glitter follows.

It’s a beautiful life, an artist’s. And Amanda Palmer has beautifully phrased it in her book, ‘The Art of Asking.’ I haven’t read the book, but after reading a few excerpts, the book’s now on my list. If you enjoyed this excerpt, you might want to check out another one I shared sometime ago, also from the same book.

P.S: The image is a screenshot from Brain Pickings Weekly (with their signature yellow quotation mark.)


4 thoughts on “An Artist’s Life

  1. Wow I too liked the review a lot and will surely go through the book. One I go through it I will share my experience and feedback with u as well. Thank u for the share.


  2. As an artist of sorts, I choose my form of expression for me and for no one else. If you happen to like it, great. If not, I do not care because it is my expression and no one has to like what I have done. No ego is my art!


    • That’s the kind of attitude passion brings. But somewhere along the road, I began writing more for my readers too, I wanted to make them feel what I felt, and I wanted to know if I made the impact.
      Then again, there are some things meant only for private readership. They are some of my most satisfying writings – but like you said, those are only for my approval and no one else’s.
      Thanks for taking the time, have a great day. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

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