The Insatiable Quest

Though they spend many years looking for enlightenment, not many people find it. The reason? They look in all the wrong places.

the insatiable quest

That’s how we’re taught though. Since childhood, we’re encouraged to ask those who might know, or refer heavily bound books. We’re taught to look for someone or something that might answer all our questions. And nowadays, you only need to type out a search term and you’ll have all the answers pouring in front of your eyes.

It’s quite natural that we turn to a larger source to acquire knowledge, but why do we expect the internet for enlightenment?

Zen quotes, Zen habits, ways to live peacefully, the art of living, the science of happiness and all those popular buzz words – what’s the point of it all?

I know we read through these articles, but do we really practice or implement them in our daily lives? I’ve seen no one who does that. Sure, for a day we will. Perhaps two days – a week at the most, but soon after that, it’s just empty reading. These web articles hardly help us live a better life.

But if we turn to a better, more personal source, we’d definitely find what we’re looking for. And there’s no higher quality of life than that.

“It is the brain, the little grey cells on which one must rely. One must seek the truth within – not without.” – Hercule Poirot


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