Confessions of a non-shopaholic.

I hate shopping.


Not surprised?

I’m twenty-something. I live alone, and have a decent income.

I still hate shopping. And I don’t mean navigating crowded streets and striding through stacks of flashy clothes. That I kind of enjoy. But what I hate is “shopping”. Online, on mobile, offline — I hate ’em all.

Because shopping is over rated and has way too many choices. You might have heard of the paradox of choice: the more choices you have, the more problems you have.

And that’s my problem. I can’t bear to think that there are hundreds of different types of — everything.

It happens all the time. I walk into a store thinking about jeans. And what do I see?

Denim jeans, pencil jeans (is that a real thing, or am I just being Indian?), straight fit, slim fit, stretch jeans, torn jeans, faded jeans, cotton pants, maxis, knee-length pants, bell-bottomed pants, and more on a list of never-ending pants.

All that, in one store. After seeing that, I walk out thinking I can manage for at least another couple of months with the pairs of jeans I already own.

Sometimes, when I feel brave, I go through every type of jeans and pants in the store — for about an hour or so — only to realize, nothing fits my style or my size. And I’d leave hating myself. That’s enough to keep me away from shopping malls for a few months, before someone starts commenting on my dressing. Again.

It’s a vicious circle. But it’s only vicious when you’re looking to spend.

Sometimes, towards the end of the month, I go out shopping. Just for the fun of it. I carry just the amount I’d need for essential getting-around, and go shopping.

I look through windows. But I also walk into some stores and lace through the smooth fabric, take in the glow of new clothes, enjoy a silent joke at the woman who sneaked in more than three outfits into the dressing room, and roll my eyes at the price tags.

And then I get out for an ice cream. I prefer dark chocolate. But that’s a rare find, and I’d find all these other flavours I might like. Like chocolate, chocolate & vanilla, chocolate with chocolate chips, double chocolate, death by chocolate, chocolate & coffee, white chocolate, and a more chocolaty goodness.

By the time I finish reading the options, I’d have made my decision. I’d go straight home, switch on Friends and never leave my bed.


6 thoughts on “Confessions of a non-shopaholic.

  1. Haha! I don’t hate shopping but I have had those days where I am determined to buy something and it just doesn’t work, I come home and watch Friends 🙂


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