Hey Apple,

I think I’m a little disappointed.

I love the 6s, by the way. My spine still tingles when my photos pop out. You’re the best.

But yes, I’m a little disappointed.

Remember this commercial?

“A dazzling display of common sense.”

— You said it.

My respect for you grew tenfold after watching this ad. It was perfect, and it was just what we were feeling at the time. Who would want a mobile phone the size of a notebook? It’s like going back to school — something, I’m sure, no one wants to do.

Then why the massive iPhone 6s and the ginormous iPad pro?

That reminds me: The iPencil is the awesome pencil I’ve ever seen. And that video — wow —  I had to pick up my jaw.

But I’m still unhappy.

Why, you ask?

Why do you have to conform to peer pressure?

Great stand there Tim, against the FBI. Respect for you and whoever wrote this.

But you didn’t have to give into Samsung’s cross-breed between a phone and a tablet. You could have still made iPhones the size of iPhones and we’d still be fans.

And I’m guessing the 21st is going to be a massive day for us Apple fans. But of course, I hope I heard wrong. I heard you’re launching the new iPhone 7 — the cheapest iPhone ever to be made.

Sorry, Apple. Not your best move.

I’m all on for affordable Apple products. But I’m no fan of you making and selling cheap iPhones just because you don’t have the price advantage in the mobile market.

Wake up, Apple. It’s the only thing you don’t have, and people don’t care. People love Apple — even if they can’t afford it. And if you’re making “affordable” iPhones, then you’re just dissecting your fans into rich fans, and not-so-rich fans.

Nevertheless, I’m sure all things were considered.

You’re Apple, and you do what you do best.

I’m a fan, and I’ll do what I do best: Ogle at photos, and photos of photos made from the new iPhone.


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