The Advice

Four years ago, her grandmother advised her to be patient. She clung to those words for comfort when one by one, all her friends sent her their wedding invitations.

Her eyes would swell when she looked at the cards she had helped design, print, and distribute. That’s all she got to do. While her friends stressed out, threw up, or got cold feet, she’d be running about talking to the florist, bargaining with the caterer, and tasting cake.

It was fun at first. But soon it got real. She had been the “best friend” for 21 of her friends, friends who were classmates, colleagues, and some even neighbours.

She met hundreds of men, best men, drunk men, well-dressed men, and ones with goatees too. But despite all that, she went home alone after every wedding.

“When love comes your way, you’ll know it’s here to stay.” Her grandmother had told her. And that old woman had the love of her life for 65 years before grandpa passed. And if she said wait, she’d wait.

And now,  she had an appointment with the hairdresser in half hour. Her high school classmate was to be married in two days. Wondering about the bus schedule, she drained the last of her espresso. Before she could get up from the couch, however, her 5-year-old brown terrier leapt onto her lap, his coin-like black eyes looking into hers. She smiled. “See you soon, love.”

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