The Unseen Outside

A wide expanse of green
with speckles of yellowing leaves.

Rays of a retreating sun, drenching
flowers as tiny as mice.

Earthy smell of newborn grass, mingled
with browning trees and groaning barks.

Shadows of towering sand, held
together in mountainous form.

And trees that reach for the skies,
green glaring at the blue.

Twin birds that peep from their nest,
nestled deep inside bushes of branches.

Slimy little creepers, caterpillars
basking on long felled trees.

He shut the book with a snap,
regretting the time he’s done
so much in the world left to see
all beyond the cold steel bars.
It was now time to end his time
reframe and recharge his life
and he shed his cloak of shame
that had weighed him down too long
and smiled as he left the fed prison.

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