Pantry Talks

Hi there! Sorry, I didn’t notice you. Though I wouldn’t have come in if I had. Great to see you — again.

I’m just here to grab a cup of coffee. Sure, we can talk. As long as it’s here and not in my place. I wouldn’t want you there flirting with my teammates.

Oh, work’s fine, thanks for asking. How’s about yours?

Must’ve been hard to input all those numbers, huh? Ah no worries, you won’t get fired for smoking weed at the parking lot. You were stressed, you say? Sure, it’s not as if that’s offensive or dangerous—or against the policy.

Nothing’s new with life, then? Quite obvious, since we had this exact conversation in the restroom a couple of hours ago. But you’re right. Anything can happen anytime, even though we’re just staring at screens behind glass doors.

Yeah, the weekend’s almost here. No plans yet, why do you ask? Oh, it’s a place south of here, huh? Sounds fun, a weekend hike with you and some friends I don’t know. Sure,
I’d love to make barbecue and talk about new movies. Not at all a waste of time.

No no, we can talk. It’s not like I have a memo to finish. Or work on the upcoming release.

Hell no, I’m not declining your hike offer because I have a date. And no, it’s not that I don’t like you either. I’m cool with you gossiping behind people’s backs. It sure is a fun way to blow off steam. You’re right, life’s short. And standing here talking to you makes me realise it more.

You know, why didn’t make eye contact as I came in here? No, I didn’t want to avoid you, but, you see, I’m stuck with an issue. Can you help fix it?

Wha — you just remembered you’re busy? You were just chilling out until I mentioned work. You shouldn’t be in the pantry at 3 in the afternoon if you have tasks over your head.

Oh, I see. Sure, sure, we all get distracted sometimes. So, you’re going now? Yup, I’ll catch you sometime later. And I hope sometime’s never.


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