To Talk or Not to Talk


Too many people have spoken about religion saying why we either should or shouldn’t talk about it. Somehow, we’ve managed to inflate something so petty to the size of our giant heads.

Religion is petty and any talk about it is sheer vanity. Take a look at our society for instance. Half of the global population is struggling for a proper meal fresh air. And our religious leaders sit around tables, debating the valiant sacrifices of Jesus, while unscrewing a bottle of packaged water.

As if Moses splitting the Red sea would help the people in slums who walk two hours a day to fetch a day’s worth of drinking water.

Then come the holy worshippers. They join their hands in prayer, glorifying a lord who wears a tiger’s skin for a skirt. And while they ramble on, vultures nibble the ribs of a hungry child in Somalia.

Oh, not to forget the man under a Bo tree, with his eyes closed waiting for sainthood to descend upon him. And while he was busy preaching love, people threw stones at a young girl who declared herself a boy.

As for the other great leader, nations explode in his name. He doesn’t seem to bother, so why should we? As some people’s lives blow up, we sit around, munching on kale chips, and mope about a sitcom character who lost the love of his life.

And since we don’t have enough religions in the world already, some people take it upon themselves to come up with fictional religions like Nugganism, Meyerism, and Dudeism. That last one, in case you didn’t know, is based on the principals of a movie character named, “The Dude.” That’s brilliant.

It’s so common now that we have a name for it, even: New Religious Movement. And you’re a fool if you had thought NRM stood for Natural Resource Management. You’re so old school.

As John Oliver might say, how is the world still a thing? We should have gone off in a puff of smoke long ago — like the Mayans promised us. It makes no sense for us to hang around in a world that’s heartless and lacking in apathy.

The day we decided to talk about religion and fight over who’s better than whom, we gave up on humanity.

God save us all!


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