Somedays in Office

Tuesday. The day after a long weekend. I dragged myself out of the lift and into the office. So much work, so little motivation. I tried shrugging off the invisible, yet unshakable, weight from my shoulders as I shuffled over to my corner of the open office.

Nothing about the place was modern except its aura. The people were a decade behind in their ideas and the paychecks had already started waning.

I put my bag in my place and booted my PC. It took me a while to remember my password and once I did, I went right into my work email. Time to kick some serious ass, even though all I wanted to do was sip soda.

As I opened the notepad I always kept next to my computer, my post-it notes within were gone. I had written my tasks and pains in little colourful papers and put them in my notepad. And now they were gone.

“Hey, buddy!” called a cheery voice from behind me. A voice I recongnised almost in an instant, yet wished I had never heard in the first place.

“Hello, Jonathan.” I tried.

“How do you like your desk?” He smiled, his eyes sparkling and teeth gleaming. “I cleaned it up for you.” He clarified. “I heard you’re having a hard time after you broke up with Kim. Thought you’d like some help clearing the shit out of your life.” He winked. He had always been jealous of my girlfriend, his old classmate.

“Oh,” was all I could muster. It took me a couple of seconds to register the weight of what he had done. I wanted to wring his neck and leave him writhing in pain and misery. But he was the CEO’s nephew.

Oh, great! I smiled, instead. Thanks so much for being so thoughtful. Yes, I was upset about Kim until this morning. Now, thanks to you I’m overjoyed. I couldn’t have thrown away this stuff myself.

No, they’re not important notes. I didn’t have my meeting schedule on them. It’s not like I had noted down my best friend’s number in there. Or the number of that wonderful girl I met at the bookstore.

Good that I didn’t rely only on my notes, but also had my to-do list etched in memory. The boss wouldn’t like it if I forgot my tasks.

Not at all, Jonathan. You were right, those were just pieces of scrap paper. Thank goodness you threw them away. I wouldn’t have done it. I couldn’t have.


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