We are who’s around us

Look around. There’s immense strength and courage everywhere. A tiny stem that bears flowering petals, a fragile cocoon that encases a butterfly, a slender deer that bounds about the forest, navigating barks and branches in search of kith and kin… determination is ubiquitous.

Humans are the same. Although ego and hatred thrive amidst our society, there’s also love, kindness, and incredible willingness to help each other out. I was at my ancestral village a few days ago. My parents were moving there from the city and I was visiting to help shift. The entire village showed up to help us set up our house, organise our things, and to show us around. They shared more than their meals with us—they narrated stories of years gone by, explained ways of their current lifestyle, dropped a few tips to survive a boring summer afternoon, and even showed us their favourite walking routes.

In return, all they expected from us was a genuine smile and amiable companionship. They wanted nothing more than good neighbours. Their sincerity, as electricity, surged through me. I felt intense affection towards the villagers, and I knew then that I’d behave the same towards them. 

That’s when I realised that their kindness in helping strangers and resilience during trying times carried over to me, strengthening me and motivating me from within.

And like the crack of morn, it dawned on me: I draw motivation and courage from those who surround me. My choice of company can keep me going or allow me to give up hope and mope. It’s my choice.

Like a mutual relationship, we all exchange goodness with each other. One creature’s success motivates another, and one creature’s ability to face challenges carries over to another. We all hold such great power over each other. 

In a way, our entire world is an interconnected web of shared fortitude.

We are free. Have your say.

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