The Game, Is On

The game is on

What is it like to successfully help the government on a top-secret mission for years, and then be sentenced by the very same government?

What is it like to be forced into suicide, and have all your achievements kept secret for over 50 years?

Benedict Cumberbatch will give you a vivid image. In The Imitation Game.

What if machines couldn’t think — ? Well, the world wouldn’t be what it is today, that’s for certain.

Once again, I was stunned into silence by Cumberbatch’s performance on screen. But this time, it wasn’t only him.

Powerful, aren’t they? Words?

Every conversation goes deep into your soul, and makes you question yourself.

Why do people enjoy violence?

What is normal?

Why do people conform to normality, and punish those who aren’t?

What is indecency?

What’s a better marriage?

If you’re looking for answers, then the movie isn’t for you.

There are no answers in the movie. But you will find yourself wondering about everything society has ever taught you about normal. And that, can keep you awake for hours into the night.

I’m at a loss for what to say without quoting the entire script here. I enjoyed this movie like no other, and after a long time too.

Keira Knightley was beautiful. Which is not much a surprise. But what is, is that both Keira and Benedict had a wonderful chemistry on screen. A chemistry with the absence of fleeting passion and rapid breathing.

You don’t often see love depicted as in this movie. It’s both sad and nice, that two people who are so unlikely for each other, are perhaps best suited together.

“We’ll have each other’s minds. That sounds like a better marriage than most.”

For some reason, I could see a lot of resemblance to the Benedict’s characterisation of Alan Turing and Sherlock.

Arrogance. Soft chuckles. Total loss of sociability.

And, The Game.

You need to watch this movie, alone. To understand, to revere, and to appreciate the power of simple words.

And some badass acting.


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