Never Let Me Go

never let me go

Sometimes we have the habit of volunteering for sadness. That’s how I watched this movie.

This is not the kind of movie you’d watch on a lazy Saturday afternoon with the best tasting food on one side and some bitter beer on the other. It’s far from a romantic comedy that would help you relax and probably fall into a deep sleep.

It’s not the kind of movie you’d watch in the theatre, or on a chilly Friday night, with friends looking for adventure.

This is one of those good movies that tug at your heartstrings and make you feel bad about yourself.

It makes you hate yourself — it’s one of those movies people say would change the way you see the world.

True that; it does. But it also makes you realize how evil we are as humans.

The story is of three friends who are a part of the National Donor Program. A program that raises children in isolation, monitors everything from their food intake to their life choices, and ensures they are healthy enough — until they are old enough to fulfill their purpose. Their purpose: to donate vital organs to save the lives of people they’d never meet.

Every donor goes through multiple donations until they complete — or die, in simple terms. Some complete after four donations, but most do sooner than that.

‘Never let me go’ is the story of Tommy, Kathy and Ruth – three youngsters who fall in love with themselves and then into life’s greedy hands.

This movie will leave you miserable. The music – the violin solo – will painfully clench your heart and will render you speechless.

It did for me.

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